Preview Dialer has the capability that it can dial calls according to the campaign setting. The Dialer selects a customer record from the contact list and processes this call record to an agent then the agent decides to call the customer.

A preview dialer is a call dialing software that provides agents all the information about their caller before the call dialed. So agents get some key information about the customer before the dialer place the call. The Preview Dialer will eliminate the need to dial the numbers by hand. Call center agents have a single screen in which they have all the useful information so that they can select the best-targeted leads.


  • Early information: Before dialing any call Dialer Provide customers information to the agents. Ahead of every call agents have all the information popup on their screen. This will save the agent’s time searching for information.
  • Improve quality of calls: Dropped too many calls are a little frustrating for the agents and it will waste the agent time. When a call is falling dialer will search for the next number in the list and dial call. The dialer will provide the customer information along with the number for the better result.
  • Increase your experience: By providing the previous data to the agents, managers and the senior person will notice that who performs best. With this information, the call will transfer to agents which are able to solve the query.
  • Increase efficiency: Preview Dialer provides you one-click dialing so that you can dial successful calls and move on for dialing next call without any interruption. All the detailed information about customer will be provided on agent’s dashboard which helps him most. Managers also provide give them the option to create remainder and get call-back in time.