A Predictive Dialer is a most useful dialer software as it handles multiple calls and provides a better report which helps in further queries. This Dialer software will make your team more flexible, which can reach more customers in less time period. It also works as an autodialer, but the thing which makes it different from Auto Dialer software is that it dial multiple numbers at the same time. Dialing multiple calls at a time will lead to interact with multiple users at a time.

Our advanced predictive dialer software program helps you handle irregular calls with the utmost accuracy. The software automatically switches outbound call agents to inbound calls at the time of increasing call volume when agents are free.


  • It can intelligently assign calls to available agents.
  • It helps to organize and manage the client database and maintain all relevant records systematically.
  • This help to blend calls in a contact center which deals with both outbound sales and inbound customer service.
  • It improves the efficiency of each agent working in a team. Also improves the professional relationship between the administration & the workforce.
  • Manager can also monitor performance of agents.
  • This system also helps in cost reduction as a company don’t have to buy PVS set up for getting those helps.