Ticketing CRM Software, a software system that can generate the tickets of customer inquiries. The ticketing software integrates with CRM stores all the contact information of the customer with their queries. A Ticketing System will convert all the incoming calls which come from different customers for different issues from different channels into a ticket. From this system, it’s easier to manage all the customer’s requests from one place which will help the support team to interact with the customers easily and work efficiently.


  • Proper Management
  • Better Performance Report
  • Live Chat
  • User Friendly Interface


Lead Management is the important software for the most growing companies when they start receiving more inquiries & leads than it is too difficult to handle all the leads at a time. Agents failed in managing the leads and so organizations need to introduce Lead Management Software to easily maintain leads. The modern-day advanced Lead Management Software does much more than just managing the leads.


  • Estimate your needs
  • Sourcing a leads
  • Email Integration
  • Lead Qualification
  • Tasks and Reminders
  • Alert Sales Team