IVR or Interactive Voice Response system used to access the database information using the phone. We can say that it is a technology that can help the customer through the call and plays pre-recorded options using the voice for the customer. IVR provides many choices like numbers or sometimes the caller’s information. He has to select one of the options according to their need and then the agent can solve the problem easily. By providing a detailed information caller can access his data which they need.

Benefits of IVR

  • Handle Large Call Volume
  • Increase Service Efficiency
  • Reduce Costs
  • Automated Survey
  • Package Delivery


An OBD refers to Outbound Dialer, it is a software service which is used to automate recorded messages to the user’s mobile/ telephone by using SMS or OBD. We can select many numbers from the list and can play a message using OBD. For better results, we can provide inputted tone from the user’s end so that the user can confirm by pressing the key. By using OBD services you can communicate with the user in their local language by simply converting the message into voice SMS.

Benefits of OBD

  • Increase Maximum Reach
  • Decrease Ambiguity
  • Cost Effective
  • Lead Generation